New Water Policy Congress.


Participating campaigns/movements:
Association to Conserve and Keep Alive Aksu +++ Allianoi Initiative Group +++
Donwstream River Regions – Ardanuç-Artvin +++ Cilo Nature Association +++ Cizre
Culture Conservation Initiatve +++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++ Black Sea in
Rebellion Platform +++ Kayy-Der – Peri Basin +++ Munzur Conservation Council +++
Association to Conserve Munzur Valley and Wildlife +++ Senoz Valley Conservation
Platform +++ Initiative to Conserve and Keep Alive +++ Yusufeli Yuvarlakçayı Conservation
Invitation to Press Conference
12th January 2010

Subject: Call for a New Water Policy of dam and HEPP affected movements
The continously implemented dam and hydroelectric power plants (HEPP) in Turkey, which
affect in a disastrous way the local people and confront them with huge losses, is still a
problem of local people and is not recognized by the major society as a big threat for the
whole country.
Till today more than 1000 implemented projects have displaced hundred thousands of people
and lead them into impoverishment, destroyed many river rich ecosystems, rivers and
wetlands and flooded hundreds of archaeological sites of many thousands of years. Instead to
start a dialog with campaigns of affected people, whose number increase monthly, the
governments plans to build 2000 more dams and HEPPs. The projects are nothing else than
destruction projects which become a big threat for the life in our country.
That is why we as the campaigns of dam and HEPP affected people start a new process. After
a discussion process we have brought together the following requests directed to the Turkish
government. We want to discuss these requests and further proposals and develop a
framework which can be a solution for the whole country. In that sense for instance we
request the transfer of the authority on the use of water resources to the locality.
We as the campaigns of the dam and HEPP affected people would like share our call for a
new water policy with public on the 12th January in Istanbul.
We invite all press members to our press conference where representatives of all participating
movements will be present.
Press Conference details:
Date: 12th January 2010
Time: 11 a.m.
Location: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Katip Mustafa Çelebi Mah. İpek Sok. No:
Contact Person: Diren Özkan: 0535-8977666

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