New Water Policy Summary


Association to Conserve and Keep Alive Aksu +++ Allianoi Initiative Group +++
Donwstream River Regions – Ardanuç-Artvin +++ Cilo Nature Association +++ Cizre
Culture Conservation Initiatve +++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++ Black Sea in
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Association to Conserve Munzur Valley and Wildlife +++ Senoz Valley Conservation
Platform +++ Initiative to Conserve and Keep Alive +++ Yusufeli Yuvarlakçayı Conservation
January 2010
Summary of the Call for a New Water Policy
1) The government of Turkey has to cancel urgently ist „wrong water policy“ and has to stop
all dam and hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) projects under construction or in planning.
2) Together with the society – including dam and HEPP affected people, local authorities,
environmental and human rights organizations, experts, profession organizations etc. – a new
discussion has to be started with the aim to develop a new water policy.
3) Our intention to start a discussion process is to ensure a social and ecological use of the
water resources for the people, based on the social equity and egalitarian participation
principle. As the conclusion we request the transfer of the authority on the use of water
resources in the framework of a „democratic water basin management“ to the local authorities
and local civil society organizations.
4) There must be established comptenet institutions and organizations with adequate finance
in order they can do gather data and do researches on the different aspects of the water related
ecosystems like: conserving the functions of the eco-systems, biodiversity, settlement,
irrigation, eco-tourism, health tourism.
5) In the light of the above requests we propose the establishment of a „water commission“ in
order to develop the discussion process for a new water policy. Every sector and organization
in the society must have the opportunity to participate in this commission. In long-term this
water commission has to exist and monitor the implementation of the request new water

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